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ENERGY STAR® Purchasing Practices

My Sustainable Canada is pleased to support Natural Resources Canada in the promotion of ENERGY STAR purchasing practices at educational institutions, hospitality and healthcare facilities across Canada. As an ENERGY STAR participant, My Sustainable Canada has substantial expertise on ENERGY STAR program promotion, including the creation of several ENERGY STAR success stories, the development of the ENERGY STAR Purchasing Guide and the delivery of several green purchasing workshops.

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Idling Reduction Campaigns and Tools

My Sustainable Canada has been involved in developing best practices for idling reduction campaigns across Canada among personal vehicles, school buses, motor coaches and other fleet.  Best practices include: community-based social marketing, youth engagement, data tabulation and measurement protocols.

Current Projects


Tracking Fuel Consumption Among Fleet and Fuel Efficient Driving Practices

My Sustainable Canada is engaged in a series of research projects that evaluate the influence of eco-driver training and on-board vehicle monitoring devices on driver behaviour and fuel consumption.

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Diesel Retrofit Technology for School Buses

Approximately 15,000 diesel school buses in Ontario emit significant levels of pollutants (PM and NOx).  Older buses (pre-dating 1994) emit 25 - 60 times more pollution than new buses (2007 or newer) and are primary candidates for emission reducing retrofit technologies.  My Sustainable Canada is evaluating retrofit technologies such as diesel oxidation catalysts and closed crankcase ventilation units for these older buses.

 Current Projects